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Mountain Goat chain rings and "3x10" transmission

Recent bikes often come with 3x10 gearing. With Shimano’s XTR, XT, and SLX, and their 42 – 32 – 24 chain ring set-up along with the 11-36, 11-34, and 11-32 cartridges, you are in for a whole new gearing experience. In the view of many bikers, however, the smallest uphill gear of 24:36 moves rather stiffly.
Please find below a table of the approximate unfolding (in meters) you’ll get in typical uphill gears. Actual values may vary depending on the tire height.

Front            Rear                Developed Meters
24                  32                              1,4841
22                  32                              1,3604
20                  32                              1,2367
24                  34                              1,3968
22                  34                              1,2804
20                  34                              1,1640
24                  36                              1,3192
22                  36                              1,2092
20                  36                              1,0993

Mountain Goat has the solution.

We’ve run some tests, and are happy to offer our customers the strongest uphill gear for 3x10.
Our 20-tooth 20/4 stambecco can be mounted on the new  XTR, XT, and SLX cranks. The 22 milan fits to XT and SLX cranks, and our 22 condor fits to the XTR crank. The shifting from the 20 z (or 22 z, respectively) to the 32 z works smoothly.
Instead of the Shimano 32 z, you can also mount our 32 milan. The shifting from the 32 z to the 42 z works perfectly.

Chains: All Mountain Goat chain rings work with all 10–fach chains. Shimano chain users will need a connecting pin for the 10-speed chains. The Sram chain is locked by a so-called Power Lock that cannot be opened manually any more.
We were especially satisfied with the experiences we had with the Connex 10SG by Wippermann. The lock opens and shuts easily without requiring any tools.


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